5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Website Online

On February 14, 2011, in SEO Services, by SEO Turn

SEO ServicesIf you are aware of the buzz word “SEO” then you might be familiar with the changes in SEO strategies taking place due to continues changes in the search engine’s algorithm. These continuous changes in the search engine algorithm always drive you to keep your SEO strategy up to date according to the search engine guidelines. We also know that the best way to achieve a long-term website promotion is through SEO. However, if you are implementing any strategy on your website to improve your website ranking in the search engines then the basic principle of optimization remains the same. This article will lead you to understand how to make your website successful by following 5 simple rules and by keeping an eye on what search engines and your targeted audience are looking into your website.

Following are the five important ways which are beneficial for the SEO newbies to make their website more appealing and successful without having much knowledge of SEO.

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1. Create as much unique content as you can:

With the recently changed algorithm of Google, today search engines are paying more attention to fresh and unique content than keyword stuffing. Try to place your keywords in the content naturally and give more information to the users. This will help you a lot to get maximum benefit. Remember, a unique and fresh content on any website is just like lifeblood for any website. Having unique content along with targeted keywords can really make your website very successful in the search engines without putting much effort on off-site (as long as you are not targeting for highly competent keywords). That’s why focusing more on the website content is always important.

2. Make you website design user friendly:

People who are involved into any kind of business always pay attention towards their website design and architecture. Without having an eye catchy website design and search engine friendly website structure you cannot boost your business. So, check your current website’s design and its architecture and make it user and search engine friendly. Ask for expert help to make your website according to the needs of your targeted audience with user-friendly navigation.

3. Apply smart on-site SEO strategies:

SEO starts from your website and thats what we call on-site or on-page SEO. Try to be smart in putting your content, keywords, stressed-upon words, content presentation, headings (H1, H2) and html sequence of your content in a way that helps it get indexed properly for your desired keywords. As a rule, target one to two keywords per page and try to use that keyword in Meta Title, URL, Meta keyword, Meta description and fewer times in the content itself.

4. Keep an eye on analytics:

Install any traffic analytics software, Joomla comes in with in-built analytics or you can use Google analytics which is very strong and still free. Monitor trends of your users, see which content is getting more attention, whats the bounce-back rate of your articles and where your visitors normally stay more. Accordingly inject fresh content to attract target customers.

5. Give-away to get back:

Try to make quizzes, polls, or simple competitions for your users on your site giving them an opportunity to win anything for free if they succeed. Giving out free doesnt mean you have to give an iPad every week, it could just be a free membership, a backlink, recognition or just some appreciation words. This will keep the existing customers and will get you more referrals for more traffic.

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