SEO servicesArticle directories are considered as one of the major resource of traffic generation in the SEO world to get quality backlinks and traffic for your website. There are lots of famous article directories who give huge traffic to website and quality backlinks to achieve the higher rankings for your site in the search engines. Lots of SEO services companies and other online marketers use High PR article directories to generate huge traffic and utilize this online marketing tool to achieve higher ranking against targeted keywords. So, if you want to boost your site traffic and achieve higher rankings in the search engine, then use the article marketing strategy, so It totally depends on you that what you want and what are your requirements.

You will find lots of article directories that can boost the traffic on your website and blog. You can anchor the links you are placing in your article while doing article submission work but try to add links in the author resource box. Always use the quality article sites to market your articles for the targeted audience. You will find plenty of excellent top rated article sites where thousands of users remain active all the time and seek for the best content or articles to read and get knowledge.

So, always write for your audience not for the search engines in the article marketing strategy. There are some excellent article directories such as Ezine, Buzzle, ehow, Helium, Articlealley and, etc. They are best to get the maximum traffic on your site and give you quality link backs for your website. Make sure that you have mentioned your website URL in the author profile and placed website links in the articles body or in resource box according to the article submission guidelines.

Now if you want to know that how they generate traffic, the answer is because there are lots of people and users available on these sites seeking for  the helping tips and tricks. When you write article after research and for the targeted audience, then they will read your articles and will redirect to your site and refer it to other users looking for such informative content. This redirection and referring will increase the traffic and the anchored link popularity.

So in simple words, article marketing is the best way and marketing strategy to boost your site traffic and obtain a good site ranking  against your targeted keywords  in the search engines.

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