Internet Marketing servicesToday we are living in an advanced and modern world where technology brought lots of life eases. Facebook is considered the social media giant where you find plenty of business promotion and traffic generation options. You can increase traffic on your website or on blog by using facebook effectively where managing the current activities and posting the interesting blog posts in your profile or wall new feed can generate traffic. You only need to add more and relevant people with the legitimate way. Adding friends extensively may ban you on this network. You can add friends, join relevant groups and participate in discussions to generate high and targeted traffic on your website. Lots of internet marketing services providers is using this network as anchor web marketing tool.

Facebook is full of excellent entertainment and business promotion features where for the traffic you can create new groups and events and send the invitation to your facebook friends. You can also generate traffic by placing your business banner or other services on the facebook page by paying the advertisement rate to this social media. If you have not enough budgets for the paid advertisement in Facebook, then you can avail their free services and generate traffic by inviting your FB friends, groups and simply placing links in the news-feed section to generate traffic. Facebook is now a day’s very famous and lots of business owners, SEO services companies and internet marketing services providers are using to generate organic and free traffic on websites or blogs to achieve the goals of their clients.

Is Linkedin good to increase website or blog traffic?

social media toolLinkedin is a pure professional and entrepreneur social network that helps you make your professional visibility. You can use this network to generate targeted traffic and can create business and professional relationship.

Now following are the important features that offered by the Linkedin network to promote your blog and website.

These are as follow:

  1. It allows RSS to give the ease to the reader and whenever you update your post it automatically synchronized and reached to the targeted audience.
  2. Linkedin also supports the PING.FM network and contain lots of other features. When you create account in, then you can also link  your Linkedin account with and whenever you add new posts or update your blog or website and you ping it on network then your update automatically pinged and reached to your Linkedin profile.
  3. Linkedin also provide the ease of creating your customized profile and the placement of your website and blog links. You only need to add new connections of your relevant field and your work is done. Communication and user interaction in this network can give you lots of benefits.

So, it must be clear that Linkedin is a powerful network for the professionals and business and website owners. This social network can help your blog  and website to promote and get the targeted traffic.

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How Facebook and Linkedin can increase Website Traffic, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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