SEO ServicesDesigning an SEO friendly URL structure for your website is one of the important factors for a successful indexing of your site in search engines. First thing of any URL is a domain name which tells about the main theme of a website. Making your domain name keyword-rich and creating sound information architecture after the domain name convention can put your website on the track of SEO success. Your SERP can go down considerably if you make common mistakes like improper hierarchical flow of the site, use of irrelevant optimal keyword in page names, and use of improper variables in URL strings. Always keep in mind that the website URL re-writing can always help you to achieve successful SEO results.

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Following are the major points that will help you understand the process of SEO friendly URL structure:

The Domain

This is your address on the web that tells the user about your website. To search engines, your domain is just like a location. Residing your main keyword in your domain name gives you an instant authority but using too many keywords in your domain can put your website back in the search engine ranking. Remember, keyword rich domain is not recommended by the search engines however still it has some importance. Therefore, try to use most important keyword in the domain to get better SERP.

Take the help of an SEO Expert to find the targeted and most important keywords for your domain before starting a website.  Try to buy  “.com” “.net” or “.org” whatever is available in the order.

Information Architecture/Folder Structure

Website architecture and folder structure was the major point of attention for the search engines in the last year. Google search engine is displaying URLs with links to site categories in the listing’s URL line. Google search engine now prefers sound information architecture of website. Therefore, SEO friendly website architecture is considered as key element in pursuing organic ranking success.

Let’s take an example to understand the URL structure: Suppose if we have a website which is offering SEO services to their targeted audience which URL will be the best choice?


Yes the third one i.e. ( is a perfect URL structure which is giving clear instruction to search engines and users about the specific page and the services. Therefore, having a perfect website hierarchical flow can give a clear idea about your page to the search engines and users. So, to do this task you need to ensure to stay within three folders of the main site root. After that you need to put right keyword in your domain name and pursue your SEO efforts in the right direction.

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