Important SEO Terms for SEO Newbie

On January 10, 2011, in SEO Services, by SEO Turn

SEO ServicesIf you are business owner and starting new business, then the first task that may come to your mind is its online presence. Business owners and other website owners are usually very keen to make their website popular and famous in the search engines and in the crowd of online users and targeted audience. Therefore, if you really want to achieve the goal of your website design and development then first of all search for the web marketing successful methods and then go for the best one to make your website and online business successful. Hiring Affordable SEO services can also save your business from any lose and help your business to boost!

People who are unaware of some SEO Terms can read and understand that what basically SEO Terms are:

1. SEM: SEO Newbie usually gets confused with SEO and SEM. Basically SEM Stands for Search Engine Marketing and this type of marketing involves marketing services or products via search engines. Search engine marketing or SEM is further divided into two main categories where SEO and PPC are two important categories. SEO is a best way to make your website search engine friendly and more visible in the organic search engine results. SEO helps you to get organic traffic on your website with real SEO efforts. Now if we talk about PPC, then it stands for Pay-Per-Click and in this kind of search engine marketing where website owners pay money to search engines to get targeted traffic against competitive keywords.

2. Backlinks: Backlinks are the backbone of SEO where this process starts right after the completion of Onpage work. Remember Backlinks are also called inlinks or simply link; it is a hyperlink on another website pointing back to your own website (you can see examples on different blogs where comments are available). Always try to get backlinks from dofollow blogs and forum sites because the dofollow attribute redirects your anchor text keyword along with the anchored URL to search engines.

3. PageRank: PageRank is one of the important parts of any website that tells the user about the credibility of a website. PR is an algorithm that Google uses to estimate the relative importance of pages around the web and number of quality and relevant backlinks coming from relevant websites. The basic idea behind the algorithm is the fact that a link from page A to page B can be seen as a vote of trust from page A to page B. so, always opt to get backlinks from High PR sites, blogs, forums, Press release sites, social bookmarking sites and from other resources.

There are also some more terms we use in SEO but discussed above are the most important terms. If you want to get success in your online business, then take the help of affordable and professional SEO Services and make your business website successful in the search engines.

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