New 2011 SEO Resolutions- 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes

On January 13, 2011, in SEO Services, by SEO Turn

SEO ServicesDear SEO Folks, 2010 has ended and the New Year 2011 has begun with new resolutions in SEO. This New Year is a time to correct your past SEO mistakes you have done in the year 2010. This piece of writing is very helpful for the people who failed to rank their websites due to plenty of mistakes. Lots of people make these SEO mistakes commonly buy now you need to correct them.

Following are the important SEO mistakes that you need to avoid and get success in 2011.

1. Homepage name mistakes

Most of the website owners are unaware with the basics of SEO. They try to get traffic without giving the proper name to their homepage. Remember if you want to give a better ranking to your home page then you can’t rank it for the word “home”.  It makes no sense for the search engines and for the users. So try to give your home page a useful and appropriate name. For example, if you are web designing services provider, then you can give your home page name ”web design company or web design services”. Therefore, home page should include your primary keyword you are targeting for the ranking.

2. Use of Robots.txt

Use of Robots.txt file is often handled unprofessionally by the most of the website owners. Robot.txt file tells the spider to crawl the specific page, so it should be done correctly. There are many sites that don’t follow the rules of search engines and fail to use the robot.txt file accurately. So, Make sure that you have blocked spider for the crawling of staging server and let them allow where you want to get crawled by the spider.

3. Duplicate Meta Tags

Most of the website owners don’t take care of using Meta tags such as Meta keywords, descriptions and titles same on each page. It’s not a good approach as the Meta tells the search engine that what your page is about. So, this is the biggest mistake made by the website owners and ultimately their page doesn’t index in the search engine properly. So, always change your Meta tags to the content of each page, target the right keywords for each page and make every page description, title and keywords unique and relevant with the page.

4. Never use anchor text as “Click Here”

Most of the people who are not familiar with the SEO Services or with the web optimization tactics use the anchor text as “Click Here”. This technique is a good call to action, but it’s not great for the search engines as this text doesn’t tell the search engines that what is inside this click here link. It doesn’t tell them what the page is about. So, try to use the primary keyword as anchor text which will tell the search engines about the anchored link page.

5. SEO is not a one time job

SEO is not a onetime process, although some people think that they need SEO to be done once for their website. Remember Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing make frequent changes in their algorithms. Therefore, always remain active and take professional SEO services to make your site successful and stay on top as the competition is rising day by day. Therefore, search for the rising keyword terms and update your website pages with right and high search volume keywords and updates them regularly and make your SEO efforts successful.

So, these are the important mistakes and hopefully you will get benefit in 2011 by avoiding these SEO mistakes you have done in the past.

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