Top 7 SEO tipsIf you are looking for the new SEO trends to get good result for your site then this article will help you to achieve your goals. This article will give you both useful information and the way to make your website valuable. There are lots of website owners who own the website but except them no one can see their website. Do you know this that why they are facing this issue? If no, then a very simple answer is this is because they are unaware of basic search engine optimization tactics. If you want to rank your website well and higher in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc then you should seek for the better search engine optimization service provider in the market or take the complete knowledge in case you want to do it yourself. A professional SEO Company will always guarantee its clients to achieve the timely and accurate results for them. Following 8 SEO tips will help you to know what they do and how do they optimize your website or if you follow these you may optimize your website:

1. You must have the unique keywords on every page of your site:

The very first tips is about choosing keywords and adding into the pages. Try to add not more than two keywords in your title tag and use unique and appropriate keywords in your site pages.

2. Fresh content on your site:

A very important and key thing that can improve your website ranking is fresh content. Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. These days, website owners use the blogs to add fresh content daily. It is one of the best ways to rank well in the search engines.

3. Use different keywords:

Focus on search phrases, not single keywords and make different combination of keywords from your major keyword. Select them after checking your secondary keyword search volume and the competition in the search engines.

4. Design your website according to SEO:

Remember you website design is important and people don’t want to visit sites which are odd and dull. So, never design your website without considering SEO. You should make sure that the web designer is aware about the latest SEO tactics and designing rules, your website should be SEF (Search engine friendly). Remember Google can crawl text, not flashy designs and images.

5. Don’t use Flash in your website:

SEO is the organic process where you should only implement the ethical ways to get rank well in the search engines. Google bot can only read the text and if there is flash and the junky code in your URL, Frames, Flash and AJAX then remember they all share a common problem. So don’t use Frames and flash animations because you will not rank well due to the junky and unreadable codes available in the flashy sites.



6. Check for canonicalization issues:

www and non-www domains both are treated different in the world web and search engines. Decide which you want to use and 301 redirect. In other words, if is your preference, then should redirect to it.

7. Check the link to your home page throughout your site:

You should check that the index.html appended to your domain name? If so, you’re splitting your links. Outside links go to and internal links go to to make sure that these are at place where they were supposed to be.

If you want to do SEO by yourself then it is be good if you have knowledge but in other case, it will no longer work and your site may get banned. So, it is always suggested to hire a professional SEO company and take their services to make your site SEF (search engine friendly) and get the fast SEO results for your site.

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