SEOSocial media is a great resource for the business owners and website owners to make their brand, service, PR, retention and other business goals successful. However, it could be more useful if exploited properly and in the right direction to boost search engine rankings.  You can get lots of benefits from social media marketing where it can also be used efficiently to support your ranking in SERP. Only experienced  SEO folks are aware of the benefits associated with the social media optimization and how to use this technique to boost search engine rankings for any website.

Newbie’s in SEO, who are new to social media and are unaware of the benefits it can bring to their SEO strategy, should read this article to understand how to use high PR social networks. Social media links are quite different from other normal site links you make to improve your site rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

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Social media offers an opportunity to get authoritative domain links:

Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other famous high PR social media networks not only produce quality traffic on your site but also help you to get links from authoritative domains. However, social media links have few draw backs like inability to control the anchor text. The second drawback is they are usually nofollow links so they don’t always pass the link juice.  After knowing this reality you might be thinking that social media is useless for SEO purpose but in reality they are not useless.  You can get still a lot targeted traffic and exposure having a strong presence in these social media networks, which can ultimately boost your website traffic.

Trust V.S Link Juice:

Google loves to show the relevant search results to its users. The powerful search engine giant, “Google” understands that the people available in the social media are real. That’s the main reason when users share the links via their social media profiles, Google judges the relevancy of that page.

In simple words, these shared links do not pass much juice, but they do pass trust to the Google search engine which is very important. Furthermore, when you share hundreds of appropriate links, Google considers your efforts as real human being efforts and gives you priority. These hundreds of social media links authenticate your site status in the search engines and you get benefit from your social media efforts.

Social News and content Promotion:

Few of the social networks do interact with other users, while others are more pitched towards sharing content such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Mir Wong, etc. Content sharing social media networks are best to target for you social link building. When a content is submitted and shared on these networks, users can vote it up or down and give the worth to your content. When someone votes it up, you get a link on that user’s profile page. You can also get links from other social sites like twitter and so on as they could be very helpful to make your content great and get social link juice from well reputed social profiles.

What will you get after having good social links?

Now after obtaining hundred of links by making your content viral on High PR social networks, what will you get?

You will get two things:

1. Your domain and pages will get indexed fast and it will get more authority in the search engines. With the help of this authority, you can optimize your webpages better across search engines.

2. This activity makes you more capable to better interlink your site and redistribute some of that juice more efficiently.

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