What to look for in an SEO Company?

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SEO ServicesThat’s one hell of a question I come across regularly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of techniques that assists the search engines to find and rank your website higher than the other websites during the process of a search query. There are many online SEO companies available that claim to provide high quality SEO Services.  Lets have a look at what to look for in an SEO company before you sign-up with them.

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Professional SEO companies will guide you through the process of search engine optimization with the help of their SEO experts. Please take note of the following before making your decision:

  • Ask them for a free SEO Analysis report and see how well they have done in it.
  • They analyze your current traffic along with its source. They also focus on the incoming and internal links from the viewpoint of competition.
  • They analyze your current keywords and find out all other possible keywords/keyword phrases to identify the keywords’ competition, popularity and convertibility.
  • They create right meta tags, focused description and keyword tags with relevant titles for your website that all go together to leave a good footprint on search engines. They focus on keyword-rich and content rich text
  • They conduct dofollow one-way link-building campaigns with relevant and quality websites.
  • They will track the exact position of your website and its overall improvement in the search engine against useful keywords
  • They will never promise you a magic wand that will improve your site SERP overnight.
  • SEO has not guarantees, however, they must be able to provide strong references for high-competent keywords to prove their methodology.
  • Make sure they have registered office and a team to carry on your SEO tasks in timely fashion. There are a lot of amateur freelancers who bid on free sites and take the work which they are unable to deliver.
  • Ask them what are their backlinking strategies?
  • A professional SEO company must have their own high-quality content writers for unique content that is the key to any SEO strategy.

Besides above mentioned, SEO companies also analyze design, navigation, convertibility and spiderability of web usability. After successful optimization of websites, SEO companies start measuring the success of optimization and also offer technical support packages to the clients.

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